MadeKnown is an award winning brand design agency working with a wide range of clients from small business and start-ups to corporate, retail and trade.

Owned and managed by Trent Siddharta and Fiona Booker with over 40 years combined design, print and publishing experience.

MadeKnown was borne from a desire to bring all our knowledge, skills and experience together in one point and time.

We use our vast number of relationships to form teams focused around a client’s needs, and not our skill sets.

Everybody is an expert in at least one brand marketing discipline. Everybody is driven by the thrill of a blank page. And the possibilities it presents to create original ideas for our clients. It’s a structure that has huge benefits for clients.

Each client receives a dedicated team with us at the helm. Each team’s component skillset is bespoke to the client’s needs. After all, you wouldn’t want a window cleaner to be your dentist, or vice versa. Consequently, a client only pays for what they need. And not what they don’t.

We believe small teams working very closely together achieve the best, most successful work. Our approach is designed to facilitate that and ensure quality, logistics and a superlative attention to detail are all met.

We’ve first-class relationships with a host of talent: Art Directors, Copywriters, Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Artworkers, Retouchers, Digital Specialists, Web Designers, Programmers, Planners, Printers, Video Producers, Media Buyers, Market Researchers, Field Marketers, PR Consultants.

Together, we research, design and create solutions and experiences for real people, endeavouring to help our clients build meaningful relationships with their audience.

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