February 03, 2023

MadeKnown awarded by the International Awards Association

With its second season of competition for 2022 concluded, the Vega Digital Awards has released the full list of winning contenders.

Over 1000 submissions were taken in from 20 countries, clearly demonstrating the influence and reach the awards has in its mission of honouring excellence in the digital industry.

In this particular competitive season, MadeKnown walked away victorious with the Gold Centauri award. The winning work was created for our hardworking client the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) and the redesign and development of AHBIC’s website.

The team at AHBIC work tirelessly in their support of the beekeeping industry, advising government and also educating the public on the importance of bees.

Our passion for what we do is learning and understanding new markets and industries. The new platform developed for AHBIC is successful as it addresses multiple B2B and B2C requirements. We were pleased to be chosen by AHBIC to work on the project and are equally pleased with the recognition from the International Awards Association.

The awards are hosted by the International Awards Association (IAA), a team of individuals who have dedicated themselves to honouring professional excellence with award programs running at a global scale.

In a chat with Thomas Brandt, the spokesperson of IAA noted “As the world uproots itself from the stagnation it has been in, we are eager to see what unfolds next,” Thomas Brandt, the spokesperson of IAA told us. “Changes inspire, and it has certainly made its impact in the digital industry. We are glad to see talents continually striving in tandem with the world’s shifting.”

Impartiality is strongly advocated for by IAA. This can be seen by the policies enforced in the Vega Digital Awards, wherein jurors from varying industries and of notable backgrounds were brought in to judge entries. The organisation also equipped their jurors with a set of strict assessment criteria, further ensuring that only the cream of the crop rose above.

Grand Jury Panel

The 22 jurors who were onboarded from 10 countries are reputable professionals within their own industries. They can be found within leading digital enterprises, such as Executive Creative Director of LevLane – Martin Bihl, Associate Creative Director of ANOMALY – Joaquin Lynch Garay, Film Director of MichaelWong Films – Michael Wong, Principal Engineer of Verizon – Harish Srigiriraju, Creative at Mother New York – Kushal Birari, Creative Director of Beamy – Ronn Lee, Creative at Snap Inc. Yeon Sang Yoon. 

The entries were assessed with relevant industry standards to uphold fair assessments. Blind judging was also an important element in ensuring impartiality, whereby entries were judged on their own merits without being compared with each other.

Participation of International Brands

The Vega Digital Awards has been continually gaining traction in its fame, resulting in names of known entities populating its list of entrants. Direct submissions from companies such as HEVĒ, Bold Content Video, BLOCK TIDES, Bell Textron Inc., Leyes Media, New Moon, Down The Road Productions, Zampediverse Srl, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, SVEN, UFC, ValueLabs, and Proscalar, LLC can be seen. On the other hand, there were also submissions made by entrants who produced works for these titans, such as Lamborghini, Camuto Group, JLO Jennifer Lopez, Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW), Ballher Brand, Bianchi S.p.a, SM Supermalls, Teleperformance Philippines, Pushpay, Texas General Land Office, Panasonic, Formica Corporation, and Loewe Technology.

“We take pride in being able to serve as a platform in honouring these digital talents,” Thomas mentioned. “With the gears shifting yet again, we are excited to see what else the industry has to show us in these coming years.”



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