May 14, 2021

MadeKnown Wins at 2020 NYX Award

After an intense judging period featuring entries from 32 countries, MadeKnown has won the Silver Award for Best Training Website in the 2020 NYX Marcom Awards. 

“We’re always extremely grateful for any recognition we receive”, said Trent Siddharta, MadeKnown Director and General Manager. “This is our 9th award and 5th international award, since starting the agency in 2012. We’re especially pleased with this award not only because of NYX Marcom’s prestige but also for winning it in collaboration with our long-term client Coal Train / The Real Group.”

The NYX Marcom is an international award competition open to all marketing communications and videography professionals whose creative expertise and proficiency are both celebrated and recognised.

“We are proud of all the amazing individuals, agencies and companies who joined the NYX Awards this year!”, said Kenjo Ong, CEO of the International Awards Associate (IAA).

“This win by MadeKnown is not just a testament to their unbridled talent, but one that will inspire many for years to come.”


As an agile team of world-class creatives, brand strategists and developers, with talent based in Sydney, London and beyond, MadeKnown’s ability to assemble tailored teams to precisely meet each clients’ needs has again become clear with this latest acknowledgment.

Among the nominations in 2020s NYX Marcom Awards were some familiar global brands, which included World Vision Canada, Heineken USA, BMW, Audi, Adidas, BBC Studio-works, Dell EMC, Unilever and Lexus to list a few.

“A NYX Award has never just been about the title. It’s an affirmation for the hard work these individuals have given for their work,” Ong said. “Their phenomenal ideas and concepts are two big reasons why the NYX Awards will continue to honour proficiency and expertise that transcends beyond normalcy.” 

“If the ideas and concepts are this exceptional now, we cannot wait to see what’s in store from the marketing communications and videography community in the next season!”, Ong concluded.

MadeKnown offers a comprehensive service, from brand development and strategy, website and logo design to integrated marketing campaigns. Trent defines the agency’s goal as: “to find unique creative solutions to solve our clients’ problems, not peddling the same products with a one-size-fits-all mentality.” 

Discover more about the project here

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