Bandana Station Sunsets

And the best backyard in the world

Bandana Station Sunsets is ideally located 5km from Carnarvon National Park and offers an afternoon of entertainment for tourists where they can enjoy a 30km stretch of illuminated cliffs whilst listening to tales about the pioneering days and life on a cattle station.

As a start-up business born out of a need to diversify from their cattle operations, their unique offer is built around their unbeatable location, real experience and personal connection. The importance of values, competitive proposition and demographic have greatly influenced our creation of the logo and identity and the growing number of visitors they attract each year is testament to them living up to their offer.

Project Scope Logo and identity, eCommerce CMS website, stationery, flyers, posters, signage, merchandise

An easy to use information resource with online booking and eCommerce payment facility.

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